17 November 2012

HARE Bisbee

This post is about an awesome polish. It is a coveted polish by a lot of nail junkies too. I've been trying to get my hands on the HARE originals since May or June 2011 (I noticed a while back that was the time of my first convo with Nikole on Etsy :)). At first the problem was she didn't ship to The Netherlands, after that I just missed out on it when it was restocked.

But now, now it is mine. I love it. When I was applying it for a second I thought I didn't like it, but then it settled and I got used to the large glitter and I just love looking at these pictures now. I am in love with my own pictures haha!

If you look at my index finger, the big hex glitter in the middle of the nail, you can see at the edges it is curling a bit upwards
Sooo. You are looking at 1 thickish coat of a england Galahad (a tad dustier than the base of Bisbee, but it doesn't influence the endresult negatively) and 2 coats of Bisbee. I am not gonna lie, application of Bisbee wasn't easy. There is some mildly curling glitter in here (the biggest hexes). I already notified Nikole just to let her know, she kindly offered me a new bottle but with some love and patience this bottle will work for me. I just need to keep an orange stick close to take apart some clumping glitter during application. That's the issue with the curling glitter, it holds on to other larger glitter pieces making some clumps from time to time.

The large hex glitter on the topside of my ringfinger nail has a wee bit curly edges
If you like turquoise/teal colors, large glitter and/or gold glitter this is a must have. I would still buy it even if I knew the application would be a hassle. HARE really is my favorite indie brand with unique but wearable colors. Bisbee is no exception to that! The 3 sizes of hex glitter in the jelly base are so beautiful ♥.

HARE polish can be found on Etsy and Llarowe. Nikole also has a website & Facebook page.

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  1. This is so gorgeous! Love the gold and turquoise. I don't own any Hare polishes, but maybe it's time I change that :P.

  2. This is a stunnnner! The color combo is to die for!

  3. Yes you should own some! Though they can be a bit hard to get.. especially this one sells out fast!

  4. Carly @ Lacquered Lover18 November, 2012 13:59

    I love this combo!

  5. That is really beautiful, My collection could use a polish like that! Its a great combination of colours xx

  6. I just won this polish and I'm so excited to try it! It looks so lovely!

  7. It really is, very unique and beautiful :).


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