26 November 2012

W7 Mosaic and jewelry

Hey everyone!

I am showing you another sprinkles lookalike by W7 this week. This one is called Mosaic, and it consists of a blue base with dark blue and gold glitter. This one is a direct dupe for Nails Inc. Sprinkles - Pudding Lane.

This was 3 easy coats, and because it's so pretty and sparkly I thought I would make some jewelry with it. This time I made a little matching set with a ring and a pendant.

I hope you like it and see you next week!


  1. That's one really lovely polish!! I also really like the ring.

  2. Oh wow, I loooove the color! The jewelry looks awesome!!

  3. I keep thinking Mosaic looks super cool but I have no idea how I would feel wearing it. Unfortunately I received it broken in the mail :(

  4. I love the jewellery! Where do you find the things to make them?


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