25 December 2012

Christmas Manicures - Candy Cane nails!

Hi loves! Merry Christmas to all of you! I know I already said so today but it is my favorite Holiday so let's spread the joy right :D?

Because today is the last chance to show you my Christmas Manicures, I saved the (in my opinion) best for last. I saw all these pictures of candy cane manicures and really wanted to try myself. Though using tape is kinda time consuming so I figured I wouldn't do a full manicure. I kinda made a skittlette manicure out of it don't you think?

I started with 3 coats of China Glaze Ruby Pumps on index and pinky, and 2 coats of H&M Love at First Sight on thumb, middle and ring finger. The Index and pinky were topcoated after it dried a bit, the white nails were left to dry by themself.

After it dried, I placed some strips of striping tape on my middle and ring finger. As you can see the ring finger has a bigger white part open, I did that by placing two strips of striping tape next to each other, partially overlapping.

After making sure the striping tape stuck down properly (I like to push it down a bit with the flat side of an orange wood stick), I applied a generous coat of China Glaze Cranberry Splash. I almost immediatly peeled off the tape, as you can see on my ring finger I had a bit too much polish on one spot causing it to drip over the white.

Letting this dry properly is key because if you apply topcoat too soon it'll smear over your basecolor.

So, I first picked China Glaze Party Hearty and sponged 2/3 times on my thumbs giving them some sparkle. Topcoat over the striping tape nails and the glitter nails and you are done! Because of the striping tape (cutting and placing is a little bit of work) this took longer than usual but I loved the look of this!

Have you tried candy cane nails?


  1. You break my heart showing me Ruby Pumps, I'm still madly in love with it but I haven't got it yet >.< Anyway, I absolutely adore this manicure, it's definetly very Christmassy :D

  2. Lovely! The thumb accent is great - but I really love the 2 stripped nails - and who's not got major love for Ruby Pumps? I do like OPI Dear Santa however as a HUGE holiday fav red of mine...and looks like many do from the prices it commands now on the secondary market. I also will pull out Orly Star Spangled Red when I want a sparkling red. The Orly and this ChG are still available in the classic collections. Hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks for this past year of wonderful swatches!

  3. So cute! I wanted to do candy cane striped nails this year, but found no time, nor do I have striping tape, lol!

  4. Aww I am sorry babe! Though maybe it'll be the little push to go and get that beauty!

    Thanks very much, I loved it too :).

  5. Thanks girl! OPI Dear Santa looks pretty too though I never heard of it before.

    Hope you had a great Christmas too! And thanks so much, you are very very sweet ♥.

  6. Thanks Angie! Ooooh had I known I would have sent you some, it's not like I am ever gonna finish a roll anyway haha.

  7. Aww, that's ok, I was going to make a BPS purchase soon anyway!


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