22 December 2012

Christmas Manicures - H&M Sparkle & Shine Baby with China Glaze Party Hearty

Hi loves! How are you today? Excited about it almost being Christmas? I am!

So to keep the excitement going today another Christmas Manicures post. Ever since I got China Glaze Party Hearty I knew I wanted to try this beauty over gold.

Now gold is great for stamping and I love gold jewelry, bit gold polish always looks a bit.. off. It is hard to find the right color of gold!

This one, H&M Sparkle & Shine Baby, might be a good one for me. It actually isn't a pure gold, but more of a silver and gold foil mix. It applied easy in 2 coats and dried quickly.

After it dried, I applied 1 coat of China Glaze Party Hearty. This is one of the BEST Christmas glitters in my opinion, just a bummer it was limited edition and now is hard to find.

Part Hearty applies quite easy though the big red hexes try and clump a bit.

With a layer of topcoat this was shiny and smooth!

So, what do you think of this combo? What is your favorite Christmas glitter?


  1. I was not into glitters at all but liked shimmers for a long time. A friend selling on eBay talked me into some glitters...this was a recommendation - holiday right after this one came out had been all cleaned up - odd that I would have bought a holiday glitter at that time - but I did on the recommendation and never regretted it. I have seen many red/green glitters since and agree with you - this is the perfect holiday glitter. I have worn it this yr over Zoya Ziv and gives a similar look at you have here with the H&M...and boy are you right! Finding a good gold polish is hard. Most look cheap or they are ones that show brush strokes or, or, or.

  2. That is a lovely combination for the Holidays! I have the same problem with gold nail polishes. Most of them just look weird against my skin tone and those cool silvery golds are easier to pull off for me.

  3. Great combo, looks awesome over that gold! I'm STILL kicking myself for not picking up Party Hearty when it came out! It was even at my local nail supply store a couple months ago, and I STILL didn't pick it up, even though I wanted to. I think it was the fact that it wasn't Christmas, so I couldn't justify buying a Christmas polish, lol.

  4. Gorg! How do i not have Party Hearty?!

  5. Happy you bought this too - it really is a must have! Zoya Ziv also looks like a mixed foil, must have looked pretty on you :).

  6. Aww that sucks Angie! I didn't get it at first either, then looked at it at the wholesale and still didn't get it. Luckily I did manage to find a bottle after all.

  7. That sucks, it really is a must have!


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