15 December 2012

H&M Love At First Sight and China Glaze White Cap

Hi loves! Today I have something unique for you. I wore white. On my nails. For a day. I hate the look of white on my nails but I had a manicure in my mind I was willing to try so there I went..

I used 2 coats of H&M Love At First Sight. It still looked a bit streaky and gloopy but I already had something in mind that would fix that. 1 coat of China Glaze White Cap! I hoped it would add a gorgeous golden sheen but the gold flakes looked a bit.. different once layered over the white base. Then I though it'd be fun to stamp some snowflakes but I really failed. Smudged stamps (no pictures) and on my ringfinger I only captured half of the image. I wanted to like this but I took it off the next night to change it.

What do you think of white polish? And what do you like to layer White Cap over?


  1. I think white looks lovely on you and it looks so good with white cap <3

  2. This is so pretty! It looks just like fresh fallen snow!

  3. I really love it! I think you should persevere. It could look really good!

  4. I actually wore white the other day, although I usually never wear it. Snow inspired, perhaps? I liked it on you, though, just too bad you did not get the snowflakes perfect.

  5. Luckily not snow inspired because of the weather (we only have had 1 day of snow so far) but indeed for the time of year it seemed fitting :). Did you wear plain white or with something extra?


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