30 December 2012

My Top 10 Favorite Loqi Posts In 2012

Hi loves! Ready for the last sum up of 2012? Today I am sharing you the posts I loved most from my blogging buddy, Loqi (Manon)!

Loqi has been posting now since August 2011 and she has done many amazing posts since. She even holds the most viewed post record (just a wee bit jealous ;-)) for one of the posts I am showing you in this one.

Next year we will be joining forces and follow the 31 days nail art challenge, but in a slooow pace - every 2 weeks on Wednesday we'll do a post together about it! I think we'll start January 9th with the first post.

So, before showcasing the gorgeous mani's my babe did, I want to thank her for joining this blog, showing you guys awesome manicures and hoping she'll stay with me for a looong time to come :-).

These fav's aren't in any order, just the ones that I really really loved.

Stamping. One of things I wasn't good at before (and still learning) but damn does Loqi know her way around the plates and scrapers!

Gorgeous color choice and well executed saran wrap marble.

Not only gorgeous stamping, but the chosen base color is what made this manicure so pretty to me.

Now most of you know I love me some shorter nails right, and you could say Loqi's aren't that short. But with polishes like these I looove that little bit of extra length. Vampy!

Multiple techniques combined into one gorgeous manicure.. I could use inspiration and technique like this when we start the challenge!

Ahh yes, gradients ♥. Vampy dark gradients ♥. What's not to love?

And there we have it, the post that holds most views. Looking at this picture that is so deserved!

Gorgeous color combo and again, perfect stamping!

The gradient, the chosen basecolor, I love this combo. Everytime I see this I want to go and buy It's Alive!

I really really need to try these myself! Look at the pretties!

Whew, that was it, my fav's from Loqi! Which one was your favorite in 2012?


  1. I love Loqi's pretty nails! They remind me of Anna's from LoodieLoodieLoodie. Anyways, my favorite mani of hers has to be the red with black gradient! I also love the cherry blossom one too.

  2. Agree with Angie below me, Anna and Loqi's nails could be twins! She has very beautiful nails, and the vampy gradient is my favorite as well! I also love any of her stamping. Looking forward to the challenge!

  3. The Superman gradient is my favourite by far!So gorgeous

  4. Thank you so much sweety! I am still so happy you asked me to join your blog! <3 I love doing this, and I am really looking forward to our challenge!
    I would also like to thank all our readers! Thank you for following us and for all your nice comments -xxxxx-

  5. <3 <3 <3 Thank you very much!

  6. Deborah, I definitely agree. These are awesome manis!!

  7. Well...this is again a very hard choice.

    Superman gradient and Blue foil-marble. Don't ask me to choose one among these two! Love them much both!

    Loqi you're great!! <3

  8. Ahw <3 Thank you! So are you! You always leave such nice comments <3

  9. Difficult to choose. These are all beautiful, but I like Stamped Chinchilly, Blue foil- marble, Vampy gradient, Every Month is Octoberfest layered, Cherry blossom manicure, and Superman gradient best, and in that order, I think..., or nearly in that order... :-)


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