18 December 2012

Review & Swatches - 3 China Glaze Tranzitions Lacquers

Hi everyone! Today I have to share with you 3 lacquers from the China Glaze Tranzitions collection. This'll be released officialy January 2013 but it has been spotted in stores already.

The idea behind this collection is that when you apply it, it has a certain color, and adding topcoat will give it another color. That way you could easily do nailart like polkadots, or french tips and such. Also, it is 2 polishes in 1 bottle!

Sadly, I do not like them. The reason I do not like them is because 1. I love to add topcoat for a smooth glass finish and 2. they are streaky as hell after adding topcoat (OR don't really show color difference). There is 1 good part, all the colors I'll show you, were applied with 1 coat. I haven't tried yet but that should make them suitable for stamping purposes!

Let's start with Split Perso-Nail-Ity. A lavenderish pink color, that becomes a bit more vibrant and darker after topcoat. This was the ugliest of all after topcoat.

I have seen cute manicures with dots and such (check Marta for an example) but I am not sure how I could get this polish to work for me.

The basecolor is pretty and it applied easy in 1 complete covering coat.

After the pink one, we have a periwinkle blue color called Modify Me. This is also a creme/pearl base that has a darker blue color for you when topcoat is applied. This wasn't as streaky as Split Perso-Nail-Ity, but still.. not so pretty when totally topcoated.

I do LOVE the basecolor for this one so I might try and do something with this in the feature.

It applied easily in 1 complete covering coat.

Last polish to show you is Matallic Metamorphosis. Matallic? I do not get it.

This is a metallic polish instead of the creme/pearls I just showed you. This makes the streaky effect the topcoat gives to the other two less appaerent, but unfortunately this one has barely any color change. It does make for a quick and easy manicure as this is also a 1 coater.

Did you get any of these lacquers? And what do you think of the concept?

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  1. I really like the blue one, very pretty!

  2. No and ick no for this concept in my mind. You won't ever catch me wasting my time doing a mani/pedi and NOT putting a full coat of shinny clear topper or matte topper..my polish won't hold up. The colors also are not unique enough to really interest me. from my perspective - this is a huge fail on ChG part. I think they will get some folks who are curious and try them but if as 'we' think, they won't wear without the top coat why waste the $? Curious is they can have a matte topper if that makes the color change like a clear topper - or are the 2 little white bottles I see in the graphic of the display in the PR from ChG - are those special toppers that have to be used with these? I sure would never want to buy topper a well just to try these. The blue is pretty but gosh, I can find a ton of blues I like in that range between Essie and ChG and other brands in my stash...and with issues I have with blues in this range tuning my hands to lobsters, it might just not work based on the color. So glad you gave us such a good low down on the formula issues. I expect a great formula from ChG - they do fab creams usually. It's rare I get anything that ends up not self-leveling or that it's balding/streaky. That silver is soooo not unique at all. Plus I think most of us have a fav silver metallic that is a go to for all of us...and this soon after holiday to include a silver metallic is sort of dense in my mind - folks are going to be turning away from anything that smacks of a holiday look.

    I did see the PR for the chunky glitters and not a fan of those either - but then I am not a big chunky glitter fan - however I do love the way Essie Stroke of Brilliance looks. I think ChG might have 2 start of 2013 fails on their hands...and nothing yet from their early PR graphics on their 2013 holo collection - that's the one I think many are waiting to see...but will the shades be ones many of us already have? And how will they wear - are they going to peal off like holos can and do fast? What about specialized base to make them look right??? Not everyone will have Nfu-Oh Aqua Base like I need to use on my OMGs from ChG. Somehow I don't think this is going to be a great spring for ChG with what I am seeing. it's got to be hard now with the market sooooo flooded to stay ahead of the curve with color and concepts for large polish companies.

  3. Hmm, the "Tranzition-part" is very disappointing. The metallic one is pretty, though.

  4. The blue one is gorgeous, but what a fail the transitions are :(

  5. Modify Me is the one I like among these ones. I'm not so much into colorchanging polishes, though. I have one of BarryM Chameleon, but I'm not so much in love with it.

  6. Without topcoat it is pretty indeed!

  7. I always love reading your comments :D you type even more than I do in my posts!

  8. Yup it is. And indeed it is!

  9. Yes total disappointment :(.

  10. The thing is you'll never be able to wear the base color properly, because you can't tc it!


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