26 December 2012

The Bloglight - Globe & Nail

Hi loves! How are you? Enjoyed the first day of Christmas? Here in Holland we have two days of Christmas, though the second day is spent shopping by a lot of people. The big warehouses like IKEA and such always open up this day and people go there massively. I don't. I'll be spending my day maybe with some family but definitely by going to dinner with my boyfriend!

Now, for today's installment of The Bloglight. You know when you find a blog and you INSTANTLY love it so much? That's what happened to me with this blog. The nails remind me of Sarah's from Chalkboard Nails and well, that's a compliment for sure!

She also does some great nailart and because I am a tool at that, I love looking for inspiration. Big clear pictures and lovely length of nails (not too long) combine for me to a great blog to read and follow. So, if you aren't following this girl yet, be sure to check out Globe & Nail!


  1. I've been following their blog for some time and I'm in love with it! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the link to this blog - you are so right - fabulous and she does remind me of Chalkboard nails! I just wrote her a note to see if she would be able to add additional ways to follow her other than just on Google Friends Connect or whatever that is called - I never get time to go to any readers - that one, WP, Bloglovin - if it does not hit my email in box, I never get to it! So maybe if she needs help adding widget options you can lend a hand.

  3. You are welcome! I really really love this blog :).

    I hope so can add other ways to follow so you can easily read up!


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