12 December 2012

The Bloglight - Lin's Loves

Oh my gosh you guys! I was browsing my previous installments of The Bloglight and I noticed something weird. I hadn't posted about the blog of one of my crazy nail friends yet! I don't understand how that happened...

Well, I am sharing her awesome blog with you guys now but beware, it is written in Dutch. So, not everyone will understand what she blabbers about ;-). This girl does great eyelooks and tutorials for them, but also shows lovely polish and reviews other kind of beauty products.

What I like most is that her pictures show she is human (in a good way). So no perfectly blurred skin and no pores, but a true look she enhances beautifully with the gorgeous make-up she does. So if you understand Dutch or just don't mind looking at pictures ad videos without understanding the words, and love some pretty make-up, go check out Lindy over at Lin's Loves!


  1. OMG!!!! Dit is zo ontzettend lief!! Thanx chick <3 <3 Super tof! Ik ben vereerd <3


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