23 January 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Orange Nails!

Deborah's manicure - Sunset clouds

Hi loves! Yay for Wednesday, today is the second take at the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge for Loqi and I. I must admit this one already took me some hard thinking in what to do. I didn't just want to use the color orange, but also make it fitting to the theme orange.

Lately I've been seeing some gorgeous sunset gradient manicures, with orange, red, sometimes a bit pink and purple. But I wanted to do something more challenging for me than a gradient (since I've already done a few) and there the idea was born: a sunset cloud manicure!

I used OPI A Roll In The Hague as my base (1 thickish coat), the red is China Glaze Poinsettia and the purple tips are a england Elaine. I think it looks pretty cool even though I am not a big fan of orange on my nails!

Did you ever try a cloud manicure? Hope you like it :).

Loqi's manicure - Stamped oranges

Hi Everybody! Day 2 of this challenge was kind of hard for me. As some of you may know already, I really do not like orange. It's the only colour that doesn't appeal to me in some way, and I never like the way it looks on my skin. Because of this I only have 2 orange polishes. One neon, which I only wear when the Dutch soccer team is player, and 1 peach, because it looked so cute and pretty in the bottle. 

Shown here is the peach colour: Apropos apricot from Catrice. And because the challenge is orange, I thought it would be funny to use the bm plate 308, the one with the oranges (I'm so lame lol). As a finishing touch I placed some rhinestones in the centre. I actually quite like the result!

As you can see I am back to photographing my left hand. My nails aren't quite back to the way I like them, but faith decided I had to break a nail on my right hand too! So I went with the lesser of the 2 evils. Just my luck right?

Stay tuned for challenge day 3: yellow!

Previous manicures:


  1. Waw both manicures are amazing!! Nice job ladies

  2. I love both! The manicures with the little oranges on it... cute!!


  3. Cute!
    I'm not a fan of orange nails either, but I like that you both gave it a twist. ;)

  4. Thanks, yeah orange is a difficult color to work with ;).

  5. OMG I love both of them!

    -Sunset: is really really great. I'm not so much into this kind of warm colours, you know, but the Rainbow stuff in wich I'm lately in made me wear reds and oranges and I fell in love with orange. This is something I couldn't tell...I like it!!!

    -Oranges: I must say I'm partial to stamped oranges/fimo slices and things like these...I love it! Catrice polish is so subtle and that stamping pattern is so adorable.... I love it :D


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