08 January 2013

P2 Perfectly Good

Hi loves! Doing good today? Hope you are!

I got another polish to show you today I got from Germany. I actually didn't buy that much while I was there, somehow it didn't really spark my interesting OR the shelves would be empty. So maybe I missed out on a lot of good stuff I just don't know!

This is P2 Perfectly Good, a green crelly. A crelly is a hybrid polish applying like a creme but with a hint of jelly to it. It dries amazingly shiny and builds up in 3 coats that actually applied quite easy! The photo´s are without topcoat as I was planning on some nailart over this, the reason it looks a little bit dull is because I put my greasy fingers on it to see if it was dry yet.

I am wondering if this could be a dupe to RBL Recycle? I don't own that one but I think they might be close :). Tell me if you like it in the comments!


  1. Perfecly good name for this, prettah!

  2. What a rich green. I likey :)

  3. Gotta love a good green!! This is really nice!

  4. Nice color, perfect for winter <3


  5. I know right? Gotta love a good green ♥.


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