31 January 2013

Review & Swatches - 3 WingDust Collections shades

Hi loves! Feeling ready for the weekend? Just one more day and we are done with this workweek! Saturday I'll be seeing Black Light Burns together with the boyfriend, yay!

Now for today's post I have 3 more polishes from WingDust Collections. There are 2 Shape Shifters (meant to be layered) and 1 glitter. Let's take a look shall we?

For these swatches I used Essence Studio Nails 24/7 Nail Base & Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer. All polishes are layered, every swatch will tell you how.

So, first I wanna start with the glitter, called Zambezi Sunset. This really does look like a sunset to me - the soft pink and golden color of the sky as the sun goes down... lovely! Stephanie describes this as: This is a red/burnt orange jelly base with gold and pink shimmer. Lots of gold hex of all sizes, pinks and yellows and reds mix with gold holo bars to try and convey a tiny fraction of the brilliance of the setting African sun.

Well, that seems fitting right? The one part that I didn't like about this one were the gold holo bars. Bar glitter already isn't my fav' and gold holo bars are even less appealing to me. Luckily they don't come out in great numbers so you can avoid them if you like the rest!

Because the basecolor seemed clashy with my skintone, I used 1 coat of W7 Coral Sand as a base. I then layered 2 coats of Zambezi Sunset. It applied easy, the glitter spread out nicely and I actually quite liked the endresult which I didn't think so before I used this one! The glitter might look curly - it isn't. It didn't stick up at all so I am calling it reflective curling.

Next up is WingDust Collections Autumn Fire, 1 of the Shape Shifters. These are meant to be layered! I used 1 coat of Wet 'n Wild Black Créme and 2 coats of Autumn Fire. Stephanie describes this as: Definitely flashes it's best colors over black, with a scattering of fine holo and iridescent blue/purple sparks. This shifty character will flash gold-orange-red-purple when you least expect it, so keep an eye on it- just not while driving!

It is quite flashy! You can almost always see multiple colors in this one, and the holo glitter really sparks through so well. It applied really easy, it is nice and thin but not runny.

Ringfinger is 2 coats of Aurora Sky

Last but not least.. WingDust Collections Aurora Sky! This one surprised me when I held my hands at strange angles (that is how you wear duo- and multichromes, you constantly position your hands like a crazy person!). Description by Stephanie: Aurora Sky is part of a 3 polish collection of shifting top-coats. It looks best over black and in the right light flashes from indigo-blue-purple-red. The scattering of holo and iridescent sparks add a bit of interest to this already smashing combo.

This somehow is a warm toned color to me even though it has blue in it. It might be the purple and red lingering beneath it. Again, the holo glitter adds some great sparkle and depth to it. This also is 2 coats over black.

Ringfinger is 2 coats of Autumn Fire

And here is an awesome bonus pic to show you what Aurora Sky is capable of! Look at that greenish tinge!
Ringfinger is 2 coats of Autumn Fire

You can find WingDust Collections through her Etsy shop. Stephanie also has a Facebook page. Her polishes are $8,50 (shift series are $10). I hope you enjoyed my review and please let me know what your favorite polish is!

*(Some of) this/these product(s) was/were sent to me for review. For more information please read our disclosure policy*


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