30 January 2013

The Bloglight - work / play / polish

Hi loves! How are you this Wednesday? I am doing fine, had a lovely dinner last night with colleagues  laughed my ass off and scored some Lush goodies as a going away present. Lush ♥.

When I was thinking about another mention for The Bloglight I really though this blog was featured once already. It doesn't seem to be and if it ends up being featured twice I don't mind, I LOVE THIS BLOG!

The Bloglight today is dedicated to work / play / polish which is hosted by Leslie, and wow does Leslie have some gorgeous nails! Long, small, endless nailbeds and the tips aren't too long, exactly what I love in nails haha!

Her pictures are clear and of a good size, and the angle on her blog is great: work manicures, play manicures and swatches and reviews, there is something for everyone. I hope you all enjoy this blog too and if you haven't heard of it yet, go visit!


  1. I love work/play/polish! And such a great name for a blog!

    What kinda Lush goodies did ya get? Love Lush!

  2. The Olive Branch & Happy Hippy Shower gel, and a piece of Karma, Honey I washed The Kids & Sea Vegetable soap ♥. Unfortunately I don't have a bath so it has to be shower appropriate haha!


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