20 February 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Green Nails!

Deborah's manicure - Freehand leopard print

Hi loves! Ready for the 4th day in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge? Today is all about green nails, I can't wait to see what Loqi has come up with!

I used a green polish that has been untried for ages, and now that it has been on my nails I don't know why - it is gorgeous! I knew it was gorgeous already from this manicure Loqi did with it but thought it was too bright for me. Bright blues and greens aren't always my thing you know ;-).

I used 2 coats of Catrice Virgin Forest as my base, it applied very easy! After it dried (and it dried quickly) I used the brush of Catrice In The Bronx (it is the old style brush) to create some random spots on my nails. Thumb and ring got multiple spots, the rest just 3 by the sides. A black striper to paint the edges and the freehand leopard print was done!

I absolutely adored the look of this and so did my coworker - she has a jacket in this green color so I am painting her nails like this sometime!

Loqi's manicure - Green stripes

Hi everybody!

I love green polishes, especially the dusty and the army ones. So it wasn't hard to pick a polish to use for this challenge: China Glaze Westside Warrior. And because I adore cream polishes combined with metallics: China Glaze Cherish.

I initially wanted to stamp Cherish over WW. But since I did something similar a while ago with WW and Passion I decided against it. And because I have never posted a tape manicure before (I have done some but didn't think they turned out nice enough to post them) I thought I would make one.

Luckily this one turned out pretty good! So I will probably try and post some more of them in the future!

Stay tuned for challenge day 5: blue!


  1. Gorgeous. I love both of them! The animal print one is very cute <3

  2. That green is gorgeous and just went on my wish list!

  3. Margo @PrettyPandaMakeup20 February, 2013 21:47

    Love the leopard one!! The other is adorable too!

  4. Great nailart designs, especially the leopard mani because of the brilliant combination of colors! I absolutely love it!


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