18 February 2013

BeYu 381

Hey everybody!

Today I have got a BeYu polish for you. Now most of you probably know BeYu for it's number 209 polish, little sister of Fantasy fire/Clairins 230. But they also have some other pretty polishes!

The one I am showing you here is number 381 (I wish they would give them names), a deep blue with tiny silver glitter. I really love this shade. It's really deep and rich and sometimes leans to teal and blurple. And the tiny glitter is just so cute!

Shown here is 3 thin coats, I could have gone with 2 thick ones, but I wanted another layer of sparkles to show through. I really love this polish and I wish it would come in a bigger bottle! Be warned though, this baby stains!

I hope you guys like it and see you soon!


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  2. It's so pretty! Too bad I can't find it for sale anymore. :(

  3. This is the second time I'm seeing this polish and this is the second time It drives me mad. I grabbed #209, #325 and #326. How the hell could I have missed this gorgeous one??? O.o

  4. Oh I'm sorry :( I thought it was still available

  5. :D I picked it up one time when 209 wasn't available, so it was a consolation polish for me, have not regretted it one bit!


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