09 February 2013

Catrice Grey's Kelly

Hi loves! Today a quick and easy post about a polish that might look a bit boring, but I did like the soft look of it.

This is Catrice Grey's Kelly, a taupe color. The reason I got it was mainly the fact it was marked down 50%, I am not a huge brown leaning taupe fan. This did look quite good on me though so it might be a keeper!

I needed 2 coats and it applied okay, nothing spectacular but not bad either. 

Tell me, what is your fav' taupe color?


  1. Julianna Katalin Dörnyei10 February, 2013 09:47

    Wow, lovely colour! I am still looking for the perfect taupe, it is hard to find it :-)

  2. Great neutral!! It's a perfect palette cleanser. I really like it on you.

  3. Thanks Marisa, that's so sweet!

  4. It is! Especially because it can be either brown toned or purple toned, and even more greyish.


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