17 February 2013

China Glaze Bling It On over Zoya Caitlin

Hi loves! Had a good weekend? I didn't do much special, but sometimes it is a good thing to not run around an do all sorts of stuff but just relax right?

Today I am showing you another 1 of the China Glaze Glitz-Bitz 'n Pieces lacquers. This is Bling It On, a mixture of black and lavender glitter glitter in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Now before I have shown these in mish mash manicures, but this one called to me to be worn all by itself over a matching color. I used 3 coats of Zoya Caitlin as my base and the match between these 2 is wonderful I think!

Application of Bling It On was fine, the glitter spreads easily and doesn't clump together (and if it does, you can easily seperate the pieces). I did notice that the huuuge hexes (like the one on my middle finger) can be a bit annoying if they are too much on the side of your nail. They stick out because they don't follow the curve.

Do you like this combo? And which is your favorite so far? Bling It On, Graffiti Glitter, Mosaic Madness or Razzle Me, Dazzle Me?


  1. Love this. I picked up Bling It On last week and was wondering what color to wear it with, and this is a great idea!

  2. Welcome me to the dark side, I'm loving glitters! This combo is amazing, you're right...they match perfectly! But my favourite among the ones you showed is Mosaic Madness... Misery Loves Blue, after all :D

  3. :( bummer! They both are great :).

  4. Thanks Cathy, I like matching it without blending in too much!

  5. Thanks ♥! Yes, it still sparkles and stands out but doesn't clash. I was happy with it too ;).

  6. *low voice* Hello babe, welcome to the daaaaark side.

    Haha yes the blue is great too, especially if you are a blue fanatic ;).


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