16 February 2013

Nicole by OPI Here We Kome A-Karoling & WingDust Collections Fairy Blind

Hi loves! Today I have a special manicure for you, created with 2 awesome polishes that were sent to me by to very sweet and lovely people.

The first one is the basecolor, Nicole by OPI Here We Kome A-Karoling. This gorgeous dark purple shimmer was sent to me by Angie ♥. I really like this one! It is dark but never black and the shimmer... the pictures of it alone are without topcoat so I'll show it to you with topcoat someday, it is gorgeous.

The second one is the glitter on the tips, WingDust Collections Fairy Blind. I named this one *squueeee*! I never named a polish before ♥♥♥. Stephanie asked for some name options on Facebook and Instagram and I thought this polish looked like those pictures you use to see if you are color blind? And well, fairies always do well in polish names so there you have it! She picked the name and was so kind to send me a bottle. Thanks Steph!

So, I started with 2 coats of NOPI Here We Kome A-Karoling. It applied really easy, thin but not runny. After it dried I used the brush of WingDust Fairy Blind and just dabbed some glitter on the tips, wiping the brush clean and smearing it over the tip with the brush. The glitter in it is so pretty! I am not sure how I want to layer it for a full manicure yet, so I am waiting for some inspiration on that part.

I hope you like this combo, I sure did!


  1. I knew you would like that NOPI! I'm still trying to decide if it's too dark for a wedding mani. Cause it would look good with my shoes and flowers! lol!

    I absolutely *love* that glitter too! Looks like such a soft glitter, my favorite kind! And so awesome that you got to name it! So cool!

  2. This NOPI is jawdropping! *.* I've never got my hands on any NOPI, in Italy they're not sold (did you have any doubt? LOL), but honestly I've never liked any of them like I do love this one. It's amazing!!! And the WingDust...should I say anything?! Love it love it love it!

  3. Haha why do you even still live in Italy ;-)? Well, the food and weather and coffee and gelato should make up for all the polish that is missing!

    NOPI also isn't sold here but luckily from time to time there are a few amazing girls that send them to me. This one is a stunner right?

  4. I'm wondering why too! Ahah!!!
    I'd like to move, I'm trying to set things up and go away...but I know for sure I'll be missing opening my window and seeing my beloved sea, my beloved sun and.....well....even our food!
    I should consider Polinesia LOL


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