26 February 2013

Pure Ice Girls Best Friend

Hi loves! How are you today? I am looking to my vacation, we booked yesterday - we are going to Zakynthos ♥. Can't wait haha. If anyone has ever been there and has tips, let me know!

Today I am showing you 1 out of 4 Pure Ice lacquers the sweet Mimi sent me: Pure Ice Girls Best Friend. This is a dark jelly red filled with gold sparkle and some holographic sparkle too. It was quite hard to capture in the pictures but it is really pretty!

Application wasn't awesome, it is a bit thin and runny so you have to be careful about flooding your cuticles. It needs 3 coats for opacity and it dries gritty as heel. I used 2 thick coats of topcoat, next morning I still had some texture going on. I do like the looks of this one though so maybe I'll try it again and use Gelous instead. What do you think of this color?


  1. This one looks very girly and sparkly. I like it but don't think I'd wear it too often, still a nice shade though.

  2. Nails Beautiqued26 February, 2013 21:56

    Sounds like an exciting trip have fun and buy lots of polis. Lol! This polish is rich and beautiful :)

  3. Super pretty! Doesn't look like this would dry gritty, is it a glitter?

  4. Thanks Choi, it was very sparkly indeed!

  5. It will be fun! But polish.. not so much I think. Food on the other hand - yes! Haha. Thanks :).

  6. Yup the sparkle is fine milled glitter :). Thanks Angie!


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