27 February 2013

The Bloglight - Mirma Natalia

Hi loves! Yet another Wednesday and yet another installment of The Bloglight. How are you doing today? Hope you all are fine!

Today I am showing you a Russian blog, I'm not even sure where I found her. She has the cutest nails and I love the clear pictures she takes, well lit and a good size.

I always use Google Translate to kinda understand what she is babbling about and well, the sentences sometimes just crack me up :P. A lot gets lost in translation I guess and it doesn't always make sense. But, the most important things are always clear, like what polish it is and how it behaved upon application.

So, if you can understand the Russian language or don't mind a bit of cracked up sentences, please check out Mirma Natalia or НАТАЛИЯ MИPMA as her blog header says :).


  1. wow! it's better than any award!)) thanks for sharing, Deborah!!

  2. You are very welcome! You totally deserve it :).


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