19 March 2013

How to follow us now Google Reader is disappearing

Hi loves! I wanted to talk to you about the fact Google Reader (GR) will be gone July 1st this year. When Google announced this a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that Google Friend Connect (GFC) will be discontinued/useless after that as well. It is not! 

GR is connected to GFC, when you follow a blog with GFC it automatically shows up in your GR so you can read all new published blogposts. BUT, you can also find them on your Blogger dashboard. This is found at www.blogger.com and shows a reading list. Though GFC isn't ditched together with GR there are strong believes it will eventually be phased out too. Therefore I want to tell you where to find us, so you won't miss any of our posts!

Listed are all the options, if you click the option name you'll be taken to the page immediately.

Bloglovin' - together with GFC this option is preferred as we can easily see how many followers there are and confirm a follower in case of a giveaway. This site allows you to follow a blog, arrange all followed blogs in groups and now GR is disappearing they are also offering you a transfer option so you can easily import all blogs you are following with GFC, are imported into Bloglovin'. A tutorial can be found over at Oooh, Shinies!.

Twitter - our blog is connected to automatically tweet every new post to Twitter. I also ramble about other stuff on there so it might be entertaining to follow us there ;-).

Facebook - every new post is also automatically posted on Facebook so this is an easy way to stay up to date. I am not very actively posting other stuff on it but I am trying!

Pinterest - with a slight delay (because I have to pin the images by hand) all new posts are also on our Pinterest boards.

Instagram - I love Instagram! I use it for quick previews on manicures, but also some personal stuff is shared, like my kitties, parties and every now and then my face. Not sure if you have to be happy about that last one!

Hellocotton - the blog is linked to this page so it updates automatically but I am not using it actively.

See you there loves! If you have any questions please let us know in the comments.


  1. I am currently trying Feedly, which works as a browser add-on. It imported my Reader subsciptions very quickly. I am in the process of getting used to it. So far, so good.
    The problem with Bloglovin is that it should work only for blogs registered on Bloglovin. If everyone migrates to Bloglovin, using it as a replacement will make sense, but not otherwise.
    Hellocoton - I dislike the fact that you have to register separately on Hellocoton.com and on "national" versions of Hellocoton. My Hellocoton.fr registration does not work for Hellocoton.com. Hope they will think about having a better integration...
    Last but not least, I will continue following you whatever happens. Yayyy! :-*

  2. Thanks Julie, I haven't really tried Feedly yet but I guess I should give it try - at least I'll know how it works then! Bloglovin' does have a "page" for every blog out there, but the owner does have to claim in order to see followers and such (at least that's how I understood).

    Oh really? I never knew you had to subscribe to multiple Hellocotton pages! Weird!

    And I am glad I'll be seeing you around ♥!


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