27 March 2013

The Bloglight - Liquid Jelly

Hi loves! How are you doing this Wednesday? I drove to Utrecht this morning, in sunny weather (it is still cold though!) and when I looked to my right, there were 4 deer running through a field. So beautiful to see!

Now, for today's installment of The Bloglight, a blog I don't understand how I missed it before! This happens sometimes, you find a blog, it turns out awesome and all you can think is "should have found this earlier". This blog has everything I love in a blog - shorter nails, large pictures, and a cute unique design of the layout.

This girl even has a piCture pOlish collaboration shade! I think it is so great that piCture pOlish does this and reaches out to bloggers in a positive way. So, if you aren't following Liz from Liquid Jelly yet, go say hi and give this girl some reading time!


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