13 March 2013

The Bloglight - Spektor's Nails

Hi loves! How is your Wednesday? Yesterday we had snow (again) but luckily today was a sunny day and it is almost gone now. I am SO done with this cold weather. Our country just can't handle snow - cardrivers go nuts and freak out, trains don't ride anymore, everyone is cranky all the time. I am ready for Spring!

So, on a more positive note, I have another great blog for all of you in today's installment of The Bloglight :). Again, no idea how I found her, but I looove the length and shape of her nails, also she is great at nailart. For example these waterspotted nails are so stunning! And these are too, really need to try this technique!

Well, if you could use another blog on your reading list please make sure to check out Judith from Spektor's Nails!


  1. Thanks for sharing ;0)

  2. Spektor's Nails15 March, 2013 09:45

    Thanks so much for adding my blog to the bloglight, that's so nice! :)

  3. You are welcome, and totally deserve it!


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