11 April 2013

Rimmel Torrid

Hi loves! How are you today? Getting ready for the weekend? I am having dinner with colleagues tomorrow night, looking forward to it! What are your plans?

Today I am showing you the basecolor I used for The Polish Well Lust I showed you last Tuesday in my Polish Days post :-). I grabbed this beauty in a store you could compare to The Dollar Tree or Poundland (though not everything is priced at 1 (insert currency here) - it's just a cheap store :-P) and boy, a I glad I did!

It is an oldie, Scrangie already featured it in 2009, but I never heard of it or seen it before. It polished on very easy, being almost good at one coat. But, I felt more comfortable painting 2 coats. Combined with topcoat it dries quickly and shiny!

Did you ever hear about Rimmel Torrid? And what is your favorite Rimmel polish?


  1. Very rich looking shimmer!

  2. I must say I'm not really in love with Rimmel polishes, but this one looks very nice! I think I've got some chromatic brothers in my helmer.

  3. It looks pretty! When I'm in a store I do not pay attention to Rimmel polish actually. Maybe I should from now on :)

  4. This is really stunning!!

  5. I never really pay attention to them either - but for the price I couldn't let this one pass!

  6. Thanks Gwen :)! Yes they do have some beauties.


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