23 April 2013

Swatches & Review - 4 Crazy Polish Lady "Music Are The Colors Of My Life" polishes!

Hi loves! How are you? I've been finally picking up my running again, had nice run yesterday and it make sme feel so energetic. Love it!

What I also love are these polishes from Sofia a.k.a. Crazy Polish Lady. I am showing you 4 polishes out of her Music Are The Colors Of My Life collection, which is (*drumroll*) inspired by music! All colors are jelly-ish bases filled with holographic sparkle. They all have lots of depth, applied very easy, all needed 2 coats for the right opacity. I used Essence 24/7 Nail Base and Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer for all swatches.

First one is Blood on the Dancefloor. This shade of red... *dreamy sigh*. While all 4 applied easy, this one definitely takes first place in applying evenly and easy. The first layer looked perfect in terms of coverage and spread, it just needs 2 coats for the correct opaqueness and depth.

If you love red, you'll love this!

Second one is (my favorite color AND song, I loooove Flo ♥) Cosmic Love. This shade.. it is ABSURDLY pretty you guys! The depth.. the sparkle.. the basecolor.. I can not believe how much pretty is going on in this one! 

Third up is Kiss the Rain. I thought this'd be my favorite, being teal and all. For me this one is a little more flat and therefore not as pretty as Cosmic Love, the shade is a tad to dusty I guess? 

I still like it though, just not as much as I thought :-).

Last but not least, Violet Hills. Such a perfect violet hue, and very Spring appropriate! It pulls a bit "red" or warm on me which isn't my favorite, cooler toned purples tend to look better on me I think. It was the only one I doubted if it needed 2 or 3 coats but I settles on 2. What do you think?

So, tell me! What is your favorite color? Did you see anything you like enough to purchase? 

These polishes are 15ml and in different bottles than the 2 I showed you before, the amount is the same but the bottles are taller and skinnier. The also have the cutest ribbons on the bottle cap! Crazy Polish Lady can be found on Facebook and her own blog. She ships internationally, up to 6 bottles it is € 6,-, 7/16 bottles is € 12,50. You can order via e-mail (check her blog) or a message on Facebook.


  1. Violet hills & kiss the rain vind ik het mooiste!

  2. Raquel_9mlUniverse23 April, 2013 22:17

    Finally someone is able to capture how beautiful Cosmic Love is! You did great with the photos. ^^

  3. Oooh, I love ALL of these....I think my favorite would have to be Violet Hills though, me being a purple lover. But I LOVE Cosmic Love, cause well, what an awesome song!

  4. Hihi, grappig hoe we precies de andere helft mooi vinden!

  5. Aww thanks so much Raquel!

  6. They are all fabulous and must haves ♥. Aww you love Flo too?!

  7. I sure do! My guy actually introduced me to her. Love her!


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