10 April 2013

The Bloglight - Storm and Stars

Hi loves! How are you? Another Wednesday, another installment of The Bloglight!

Today I am featuring a blog I can not believe I wasn't following yet, because I adore this girls posts on Instagram. Then one day I figured, why not go and see if she has a blog.. and SHE DID! Awww yeaahh. So now I am following her and loving everything she posts ♥.

Large pictures, well lit, clean cuticles... I am impressed by her quality! She also does the occasional inspiring nailart so there is plenty for everyone. Please, go say hi to Lex from Storm and Stars and follow this great and talented girl!


  1. Thanks for the bloglight post, I love finding and following people like that, they need more recognition!

  2. I LOVE Storm and Stars! I first stumbled across her nail art on Instagram and fell in love! ^_^

  3. I had no idea she had a blog. Thanks for sharing.


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