26 May 2013

Hema 840 & OPI A Woman's Prague-ative

Hi loves! Just a quickie Sunday post (already prepared last Wednesday) featuring 2 lovely lacquers: Hema 840 (from now on Hema Teal Crelly, still nothing unique but better than a number right) and OPI A Woman's Prague-ative.

I used the Hema polish on my thumb, index and middle finger. I needed 2 coats, I had to be a bit careful on the first coat to avoid patchyness, after the first coat the second applied very easy. It has a slight translucency to it so if the first coat had been patchy I would have needed 3 coats. The OPI went on my ring and pinky, in 2 easy coats.

I liked this color combo and the difference between the crelly and the glitzy foil. I wanted to do some leopard print nailart but I was lazy haha.

Have you worn 2 colored manicures? And what is your favorite finish combination?


  1. Polish Alcoholic27 May, 2013 10:58

    They look so pretty together!

  2. Right? I loved the combo too :).

  3. szépségblog Pöty cica28 May, 2013 05:31

    pretty pretty nail. The gold you like best!



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