30 May 2013

My nail care routine - part 2

Hi loves! How are you today? By the time this post goes live I am probably all relaxed and zen because I am spending today at the sauna with my bestie. I looove days like that!

Today I want to tell you a bit more about my nail care routine. Last time I touched the subject "prepping" and today it'll all be about polishing! Again, I want to point out I am not an expert or licensed nail technician, I just describe what I feel works best for my nails.

Let's get started shall we?
I must say I am not that picky with my basecoat. For starters I polish daily so even if it would influence the staying power of my polish, I wouldn't notice. Preventing staining would be nice, but my nails always turn out yellow sooner or later and since I always polish them.. the most important thing for me is it should give good grip to my polish. I used the Essence 24/7 Nail Base for quite some time, but it dries to a matte/velvety finish, and some polishes and brands just did NOT agree with that. For example a england would slide right of it, and holo's... terrible! So, I switched back to Sally Hansen Maximum Growth and that does the job for me. I am currently waiting for Duri Rejuvacote.

Extra tools
While I am polishing, I screw up. I do not paint perfectly and therefore I loooove to keep some orange wood sticks close, they are the best to quickly remove some polish on your cuticles.

I also use a little brush and some acetone to do clean up after the polishing (but before topcoat).

For me, there is one topcoat that I'll ALWAYS use. It's the Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer, and I love it. Dries fast, shiny, it is cheap and the most important thing for me: easy accesible. If I would run out, I could go to the city and grab a new bottle instantly. I wouldn;t have to order and wait. I always buy these when there is a BOGO going on, I usually have 7 or 8 bottles lying around to be sure I have enough.

So this is what I use whilst polishing my nails! Hope you found it helpful :).

What are your favorite products to help you polish your nails? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I use essence Ultra Nail Repair as my basecoat and the BTGN top sealer as my topcoat, but sometimes I grab my bottle of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.

  2. I love matte base coats also. My nail polish lasts way longer! I like the OPI Matte Nail Envy for that. And my favourite top coat is Buttler London PD Quick Hardwear Topcoat. Super shiny and dries super fast.

  3. My-Beautynails30 May, 2013 22:36

    BTGN, BEST BEST Topsealer I've ever had and will always but it again and again. Thansk for sharing thoughts :)

    It's fun to see that I, as a German nail blogger, do use exactly the same top coat as you do :) Awesome!

  4. I use better than gel nails as well! And I just started using the 24/7 nail base, it does a very good job at increasing my manicure's durability!

  5. I love Better Than Gel, I just wish it didn't get so thick...I feel like once its half way through, its almost unusable. Adding thinner helps, but its never the same after that.

    I love orange sticks too, such a help when polish pools in the cuticle.

  6. Krystan Fingertips31 May, 2013 17:37

    Oh my gosh! I have been trying for so long to get some Better Than Gel Nails. Do you think there is possibly anyyyyy way you could help a girl out? I have feedback on makeupalley (not much) but I have done several swaps on FB.

  7. It is a nice topcoat :) never tried that last one!

  8. I never tried the BL one, but it sounds promising!

  9. Well we are in neighbouring countries ;-). I am just jealous you have Kiko and P2 over there!

  10. That's great to hear Eva!

  11. I think I use it enough to prevent that from happening haha, but it does get thick indeed. I just set aside the thick bottle for when I do stamping or gradients (smooths better) and use a fresh bottle for the regular stuff.

  12. Hey Krystan, just send me an e-mail at lovevarnish [@] gmail.com and we can maybe work something out!

  13. Dries Instantly is as good as Seche Vite, but cheaper and big 3 free. Unfortunately, it left the standard range in Germany and it is my last bottle, so I guess I will stick to BTGN top sealer ;-)

  14. As a basecoat I usually use Orly Nailtrition (yes, I know it's not a basecoat, but it helps to strenghten my weak nails) topped with a coat of Orly Ridgefiller.

    Orange wood sticks are my best friends too when it comes to immediately repair polish dropping :D And then a flat brush and Essence StudioNails Ultra remover to clean up.

    I know the feeling for BTG Top Sealer topcoat <3 it's awesome! Besides Seche Vite, too. Even if both of them don't match with stamped manicures (with me :D).

  15. If it works why not use it as a base? Ridgefiller might be needed to add to my stash, my thumbs can have these ridges I can't buf away.

    Is it a nice remover, the Essence Studio thingie?

  16. Nailtrition is some sort of rubbery formula, I cover it with ridgefiller much to prevent ridges, actually it dries very smooth so it's not necessary.

    Essence Studio Ultra remover is a real wonder *__* (it's the violet one, in the same bottle of the fruity removers. I tell you this cause there's another violet one 3in1 in a different bottle, but I've never tried it). It stinks a lot (it contains mek, acetone free), though...but with a drop only I usually do all my nails.


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