25 May 2013

My nailcare routine - part 1

Hi loves! Recently one of my Instagram followers (hi Yvette!) asked me if she overlooked a post about about my nailcare routine and such.. she did not, I just didn't have one yet! I decided I would write one and maybe it helps one of you :-). I want to stress the fact I am not an expert or licensed nail technician, I just describe what I feel works best for my nails. I am breaking this down into 3 posts because it gets rather wordy otherwise. So, subject number 1!

When I started my blog in October 2010, my nails were just recovered from acrylics which helped me quit biting my nails. They were flimsy, soft and weak and I quickly discovered a good nail file could help minimize the damage. At first I used the Herôme glass file (at 1 point there were 3 of them laying around at different places) but when I was sent the smoooooth glass files from Mont Bleu to review, I switched to them permanently. I have a travelsize one in my little make-up bag I take with me everywhere, and have 2 at home. They have gorgeous Swarovski designs! I'll admit I could be more careful in filing my nails: I do not practice the "file-to-only-one-direction" philosophy. I am just too lazy. Also sometimes when I have to take off more length, I'll clip first and then file. Yeah, I'm cheeky like that.

Besides filing there is also some cuticle maintaining to do. My prefered product is Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover. Usually I'll apply this to my cuticles, let it sit for a bit and then remove the residue (and the dead skin) with an orange wood stick. I order these in bulk of 100 on eBay. I throw them out after using so it stays hygienic. I also push back my cuticles in the process.

Before starting with my polish I do one last swipe with some polish remover. I also have Blue Scrub (which is a nail dehydrator, which should allow your basecoat and such to attach better) but I am not sure I like it. It does dehydrate, but it also seems to cause my nails to break more easy. Normal polish remover doesn't dry out that much for me. The remover I use most is a cheap one from a drugstore called Kruidvat Nail Polish Remover. I use one with acetone, I accidentally bought 4 bottles of the non-acetone version and I hate it. It dries out SO much more and it just sucks. From time to time I also cook up my own acetone + glycerine mix (check out this blogpost for more info on that subject) but yeah, I can be lazy.

So, these are the materials I use for prepping my nails! Obviously I don't file my nails daily nor do I use the cuticle remover daily, but once a week is pretty standard for me.

What are your favorite products for prepping your nails? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I just file my nails, and oil my cuticles. I don't use cuticle remover (maybe i should!). And my polish remover is some usually some cheap market product,

  2. MakeupWithdrawal26 May, 2013 10:41

    GASP. Not a One Direction filer? HOW COULD YOU? XD I kid! I'm with you, I absolutely HATE non-acetone remover. For me the smell is so much worse, I feel like I can practically taste it, it's awful!

  3. I'm in love with MontBleu glass nailfile too. Before I used to filing my nails with a medium PeggySage nailfile (no attention to file one direction only, too =.="), but I stopped using it after my MontBleu "came" home.

    For my cuticles I use Essence cuticle remover gel (now discontinued :( ), it works perfectly comboed with my Nfu-oh cuticle pusher. I've got also Orly Cutique, but it doesn't work as Essence's one do (and it costs 7 times more!!!!).

    I used to removing my nailpolish with KIKO acetone-free nail polish remover. But my nails were very very weak and flaky. One day I used KIKO remover to clean a wheel and it got completely melted! O.o If it melts a wheel, what can it do to my nails? Now I'm using Essence NailArt Ultra Nailpolish Remover, it's super! And my nails aren't flaking anymore.

  4. Oiling your cuticles can help in the growth (in a positive way, it keeps the skin soft and when you rub your hands dry after a shower chances are
    you are already removing lots of dead skin). It doesn't have to be expensive at all to be effective :).

  5. Hahaha that's what I had in mind when typing that sentence ^^. Terrible right? It should be less chemical but it is WAY worse.

  6. They are amazing right? I am thinking of ordering another just because they are so pretty haha.

    That gel, was that in a tube? Or the bottle thingie?

    Glad to hear your nails aren't flaking anymore - it sucks when they do!

  7. The gel is in a plastic tube, some kind of yellowish gel :D

    I know the feeling about MontBleu files, they're so pretty! I gifted them to all my friends LOL

  8. missyelliott2631 May, 2013 08:19

    Hi Deborah! Thanks for posting this! I will try a glass file for my filing. I am always left with bits of nail under my nail when filing. I will have to try the Essence top coat you mentioned also. You may not be a nail tech but boy do you do better work than most of them! See you on IG.

  9. You are welcome! Yes those bits can be annoying, I have the same thing. Haven't really found a method for me that works to get rid of them. Thanks so much, that really is a sweet compliment!


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