03 May 2013

Newspaper nails

Hi loves! Another Friday, I can't believe how fast this week past by. It might have something to do with the day off on Monday and Tuesday ;-). Did you get through your week alright? Any weekend plans?

Todat I am showing you newspaper nails! There are various ways to achieve this look and to make it easy and have all stuff available at once, The New Black created a set that holds everything to do the nailart. This is The New Black Weekly Journal. There are 3 Typography sets available, the difference is in the color of the base and maybe (not sure) in the newspaper sheets too.

So, here's how it works: you paint your basecolor (I used 2 coats, it applied okay, bit streaky at first but fully opaque and even on the second) and you let it dry. Let it dry some more. Use the transfer solution and wet your nail with it (it is very liquid and will evaporate so don't worry about spilling a bit) and press down a piece of the newspaper on the wet nail. Use a cotton ball to hold the paper in place, wait a bit and remove the paper.

I myself had some issues with the paper getting stuck at my nail, is this because I didn't let the base dry properly? It didn't smudge or anything, there was just some paper stuck to it.

The newspaper design went on my thumb, index and ringfinger, I dotted my middle and pinky with a dotting tool. I didn't use the topcoat from the set, I always use Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer. It didn't smudge the design at all.

Did you ever try newspaper nails? And did you use a set like this or just the DIY version with rubbing alcohol?

You can find this set and many other sets from The New Black on their website. The Typography sets retail for € 24,95.


  1. Waaah, this is so cool with the dots! I like it. (: Newspaper and dots - cool!

  2. Rainbowify Me03 May, 2013 21:40

    I have only tried newspaper nails once, and the print didn't transfer at all, so I gave up, LOL! :D

  3. Nicole Franklin03 May, 2013 22:54

    LOVE this to pieces hun!!!

  4. Is the "transfer solution" just rubbing alcohol? :)

    I've never tried newsprint mani's before, but I love the way they look! Might have to try my had at this too!

  5. Thanks Natalie! I loved the combo too :D.

  6. Oooh that sucks :( did you try with the rubbing alcohol?

  7. Thanks so much Nicole ♥.

  8. I am not sure, I think I'll buy a bottle of it soon and sniffle at both to compare :).

    Thanks dear, it is really fun!

  9. This is an amazing idea. I've wanted to try newspaper print for ages but having to buy extra supplies I'd never use again put me off. Brilliant idea to release it in a set & it looks fab!

  10. I'm in love with newspaper nails, I drooled over this set when I first saw it! Luckily I found some tutorials about this kind of DIY nail art, no set needed! My "ToDo" nail art list is growing longer and longer......

  11. you can just use water, that's what i sue when i do it, i don't know whether rubbing alcohol transfers better..x


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