05 May 2013

OPI Red Lights Ahead.. Where?

Hi loves! Sunday already, weekend go by so so fast.. I had a blast last Friday night at the wedding (Lindy got married to her girlfriend and they both looked stunning!), and therefore I had to take it a bit easy this Saturday ;-). Today I've been quite productive: we have cabinet doors that you can alter by putting something between the backing and the glass. I got this great new giftpaper I wanted to use, so now all 6 doors look like the one on the right here. We also got paint to redecorate a little cabinet in the hall, so I've been sanding and priming it, I'll be painting it Thursday or Friday I guess :). I also washed some brushes, did laundry and used my Clarisonic Mia the first time! I tickled my nose haha.

Now, for today's nails, I am showing you my manicure from the wedding. I wore a dress in the exact same color and my stocking were dotted too, so I thought it'd be fun to do some dotted accent nails. I started with 2 coats of OPI Red Lights Ahead.. Where? that applied very easy. Just be careful with mistakes because it stains a bit on your skin! After it dried I took a small dottingtool and Wet 'n Wild Black Crème and dotted my middle and ringfinger :-).

The OPI Holland collection for me was one of the best collections ever by OPI. I own every single polish and I love them all!

Do you like this combo? And do you own this beautiful polish?


  1. I love that! So classy and sort of reminds me of a ladybird :) I love the Holland collection too, but I didn't get this one! Maybe I should try and find it!

  2. So cute! I love matching a mani to a dress! Or something that's contrasting but complementary.

    Your cabinets are cute by the way!

  3. This color is incredible! You should try Seche - Scorchin' hot, it's soooo pretty! :)

  4. Thanks Amanda! You should, I really like it :).

  5. Thanks Angie, yes both ways can be fun :) I have another wedding coming Friday and I am thinking about doing something contrasting this time. Not sure yet!

    Thank you! I love that you can create a total different look so easy :).


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