09 May 2013

Review - Born Pretty Store studs

Hi loves! How are you today? Did you receive any nailmail lately? I am waiting for some stuff and I get just so impatient haha.

Today I am showing you a product from Born Pretty Store that I am already IN LOVE with! They are 2mm gold square studs and just the perfect size to add some interest to your manicure, without looking bulky. I've tried and shown some studs before, black ones, but when compared they look huuuge. I measured both and the Born Pretty Store ones are a small 2mm (like 1,5 mm) and the ones I used before around 3,5 mm. On your nails it is quite the difference!

So, this manicure.. I started with 2 coats of Bondi Lady Liberty. Yup, obsessed with this shade. Just love it. I topcoated my middle and ringfinger nail to prepare for the nailart and the other nails just dried by themselves. I added a tiny bit of clear polish to wear I wanted to place the studs, and with an orange wood stick I placed the studs. Press down a bit (not too hard or you'll ruin the polish beneath) and cover with a nice coat of topcoat to seal. They stayed put 2 days including washing my hair! I took them off myself and it went easy, just use a soaked cotton pad or something.

The middle and ringfinger nail were done using the watercolor technique, but I'll need some more practice I guess ;-). Still loved the look! I used H&M Moody Model, El Corazon 886 and OPI Thanks a Windmillion for the "blobs" and spread them out using a brush and acetone. It gave a nice smoked effect. I actually wore this manicure during an interview I had about my polish collection :D! The article title most likely will be "How many Helmers do you have?".

If you love these studs too and want to buy them, visit Born Pretty Store and use code DELJ61 for a 10% discount!

Have you tried the watercolor technique? And what do you think of these studs?


  1. Look at you playing with the studs. They look great on you!!!! :D

  2. Samantha Ann09 May, 2013 23:41

    I think you did wonderful on the watercolor nails. I like how bold the colors are but with a little watercolor fading here and there. Those studs are really nice. I need some small square studs like that in my stash.

  3. I have these studs and I love them, but I have yet to try that technique!

  4. I have these studs - I love them!
    Great water color mani

  5. Thanks Marta ♥ I always love comments form you :D

  6. Thanks so much! Yes that is what I liked about this color combo, it isn't as soft as you usually see them. These studs are just perfection. I already did... 3 manicure with them now haha.

  7. You should give it a try, it is fun :)!

  8. "How many helmers do you have" is a key question to ask to a nailpolish addict :D
    BTW The work you did here is stunning! I'm in love with the final result *__* and these BPS studs are really great and versatile, I got them silvery and I usually place them everywhere :D


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