12 May 2013

Swatches & Review - 3 HARE polishes

Hi loves! How are you today? I had SUCH a fun day yesterday, a bachelorette party from a dear friend. One of the highlights was a race on a toiletpot. Yes, you read that right, a pottie race :D! They were motorized and just so much fun.

So, today I am showing you the remaining 3 lacquers I got from Nikole from HARE Polish. The one I showed you already was Dauphine Of Decadence and boy do I love that one! Today I have for you Rococco Grandeur, Return To Nature and Own Your Opulence. The first 2 are part of the jelly based half of the collection, the last one is in a clear base and meant for layering. You can find all the info on the topcoats here and for the jellies look here.

I am starting with Own Your Opulence. HARE description: Own Your Opulence is a complex mixture of satin pastels in several different shades, juxtaposed with gunmetal grey, black and gold. Lots of goodness going on here! This polish also features gold shimmer. This is in a clear base.

The pastels are what makes this one so much more interesting for me, black and gold is great but the soft pop of color really looks so cute. Also LOVE the gold shimmer, it pulls the look more together even if you don't have glitter on every piece of your nail. Application was divine, spreading easily and not clumping at all.

Shown: 1 coat over Bondi Fuchsia-tastic (2 coats). Gelous topcoat and Sally Hansen Maximum Growth basecoat.

Next up is Return To Nature. HARE description: Return to nature is a beige/khaki crelly (creme-jelly) with a mixture of small gold and silver glitters, plus a dusting of small white squares. This shade also features gold shimmer.

I really like how this is an office appropriate glitter, or at least I think it is. The base is a bit more tan than my usual nudes and I am not entirely sure how I liked it on me, but I guess you could layer 1 coat over your favorite nude to match it better. The application was easy, just make sure you let the coats dry properly in between as glitters usually drag if you don't do that. At the first coat it was very sheer but it build up nicely.

Shown: 3 coats. Gelous topcoat and Sally Hansen Maximum Growth basecoat.

The last one. The one I wanted to love so badly but had a bad first experience with.. Rococco Grandeur. HARE description: Rococo Grandeur is a baby blue jelly with soft pink glitter in several shapes and sizes, with gold accents. This shade also features (incredibly difficult to photograph) blue shimmer.

The first time I tried it, I used it on its own. I needed 3 coats and it was a clumpy, bumpy, not drying mess. Really, I was pretty dissapointed as I love my HARE polishes. I also managed to damage a nail after applying so I had to redo it (I wasn't taken off all the glitter I just applied). I took pictures but it just looks stinky. I will include one for reference though.

For this review I decided I wanted to give it another try, layered this time. I also added some thinner to see if it'd help. It did! Because this is PACKED with glitter you can still wear it layered and have that lovely look that you see in the bottle. It also applied easier this way though it still is a bit lumpy.

Shown: 1 coat over Hema 442 (pastel blue, 2 coats). Gelous topcoat and Sally Hansen Maximum Growth basecoat.

3 coats on its own

You can find HARE at different places, for example in her own Etsy shop, Facebook, Instagram, Shoppe Eclectico, Femme Fatale Cosmetics and Llarowe!

Tell me, do you own any shades of the Last Queen of France collection? If so, which one? If not, which one would you like to own?


  1. I love looking at HARE polish swatches. I have been wanting to try them for a while now, but never got a chance to order them. I'll stalk the sellers for the next restocks from now on ;)

  2. The last one is my top of polish!!! It's so pretty! Sorry about the formula though. I really love Back to Nature.

  3. Why didn't I buy Return to Nature? Cause I love it!

  4. Thanks Sabine! You really should purchase some, I love HARE :).

  5. Thanks dear! Yeah, it was a let down formula wise but layered it still looks good ♥.


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