22 May 2013

The Bloglight - Penélope Luz

Hi loves! How are you today? I have been a little bit cranky lately because of the weather. It just won't get nice and warm, it has been raining for a while now... I am so done with it! I want Summer, not reconsidering the change from winter to summerblanket!

Luckily I have an UH-MA-ZING blog to share with you today. I found out about this blog because of a post on The Polished Perfectionist (yeah, that freakishly gorgeous handed alien girl ;-)). She showed a creation made by Penélope and turns out, this must be her Brazilian twin sister!

Penélope Luz is the (blog) name and she takes these gorgeous and elegant pictures and those nails... just WOW! So, if you have space for another blog and you haven't met this girl, please be sure to check her out! 

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