08 May 2013

The Bloglight - Ten Little Nubs

Hi loves! It is weekend for me, woohoo! Okay so please don't exit this post all mad because I have 2 days off, I want to introduce you to another fun blog to read ;-).

So, this is another one of those blogs I recently discovered and just DON'T get how I missed it before. Well, she is relatively new to the scene so that might have something to do with it. First, this girl has shorties. Second, she has the cutest blog tittle. Third, she has shorties. Oh wait, said that already, but you know I love me some shorties!

Elissa from Ten Little Nubs just has a really fun blog, and there are swatches, nailart, informative posts about nailcare and such and even video's, so there is a little something something for everyone! Please go say hi and follow her if you didn't already :-).


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