25 June 2013

Review - Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Hi loves! How are you today? Hope you are all doing well :-).

Today I've got another fun product from Born Pretty Store to review: water decals! I must admit I had no previous experience with this type of product and wasn't sure what to expect. I also have had just 1 earlier experience with nail wraps so yeah.. Not the most experienced person here!

The exact productname is 12Pcs Cute Design Water Decals Nail Art Stickers Decoration Manicure and they are available in 24 patterns. Currently they are marked down from $1,99 to $1,55 which isn't very expensive. They also ship free worldwide! I chose design A1-20, because I really liked the floral like design.

I must admit I was a bit scared to try them. Like the product name suggests, there are 12 strips and because I wanted to do a double accent with them, I had to pick the best matching sizes. I still had to trim down a bit (the smallest size was too small, but the next 2 were slightly to wide). After I trimmed them, I dipped them in some water, let them soak a bit and slid the decal right off the paper. So far so good! But, when it came to positioning, I noticed they slide around on the nail very easy. That's great because that way you don't have to be very precise immediately, but it kinda sucks too because when it is finally in place, it's pretty hard to not move it again. I pressed down a cotton pad on top of the decal to let it dry and sit in place and it worked okay, but I didn't find it very easy.

The one on my ringfinger wasn't properly trimmed and I had trouble getting it to stick down on the corner of my nail. It seemed to be attached nicely after I topcoated it but I didn't feel sure enough about it to wear outside, so I can't comment on the wear. They don't really react to topcoat but you have to be careful with the edges or the brush will "flip" them. The edges on your tips are trimmed the same way as you would do with nail wraps.

I combined the decals with Bondi Tavern On The and OPI My Vampire Is Buff, and one of my favorite nail art products: square golden studs. The colors matched so well with the decals!

Do you like these decals? And have you ever tried a product like this? Let me know in the comments!


  1. My favourite polish again, I die, you won't be happy until I've bought it ;-) I have never tried decals but I don't like wraps - I feel like I have to pick them off. I love the design, and I saw on Gnarly Gnails that Missy chopped them up and made shapes around them which I thought was a brilliant idea so I'd definitely do that! These are a pretty cute design all the same :)

  2. I think this turned out great! I've never used water decals before ether, but I like the idea below, cutting out shapes, sounds like a great idea.

  3. This mani is gorgeous! I like the decals, and the polishes you chose match them perfectly.

  4. Ooh these are quite pretty!

    I had a Douglas giftcard left so I picked up My vampire is buff yesterday because you are always so lyrical about it!

  5. Haha I am convincing every one around me :D!

    Chopping them up, now THAT sounds great! Gonna try that with the rest of the package ♥.

  6. Thanks Angie! Yup, definitely on the to do list, curious to see how it works out!

  7. Woohoo! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do LOL, and if not, you know where to send it ;-).

  8. You hoarder you! :D


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