10 July 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Flower Nails!

Deborah's manicure - Itsy bitsy flowers

Hi loves! Here we are again, another challenge day! Today we've got the theme Flower Nails to work with, and I just happened to stumble upon this lovely tutorial written by Katherine (she only has an Instagram account) written for Ricarda. I was hypnotized by the lovely little flowers and the color impact this manicure has!

Instead of polish, I chose to use acrylic paint for this look. It is less likely to run and bleed and once it dries it won't smudge as easily when topcoating! My base is (surprise, surprise!) 2 coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff. I applied it a day earlier and topcoated it so if I made mistakes with my acrylic paint, I could easily take it off and start over! Also, this way your tape won't ruin the polish beneath. On my middle and pinky I did a V-shape, the index got a half moon design, and I freehanded borders on my ring finger. The flowers were done using a small dottingtool.

Hope you like this and make sure to check that tutorial if you want to try too! What colors would you use for the flowers?

Loqi's manicure - Flower French

Hey guys! I kind of had trouble with this challenge. Not because the subject was hard, but because I was utterly without inspiration. Just one of those days I guess. Luckily stamping is an easy way to do some pretty nail-art and I ended up really liking this manicure.

I started out with a base of A-England Galahad. (I hate painting my nails in this weather, bubbles everywhere! Luckily the topcoat covered them up) When that was dry I stamped my tips with China glaze Millennium and Konad plate m51. The flower design has some dots on it too, so I decided to add some extras on the sides of my nails. Then I added some rhinestones and a nice glossy topcoat.
Very easy, but pretty fun if I do say so myself. What do you guys think?

Stay tuned for challenge day 15: Delicate Print Nails!


  1. absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Deb, what a patience in painting all those micro flowers! *___*
    And Galahad's been one of my first A-England, love it and that combo i great!

  3. It was actually quite easy! 5 little dots for the petals, 1 little dot for the center.. but thanks ♥.

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