27 July 2013

Gorgeous polish jewelry by Hollywood Lacquer

Hi loves! Enjoying your weekend so far? I know I am!

Today I have for you 3 gorgeous nailpolish jewelry pieces. These were made by my friend Melinda, I've been chatting with her on and off on Twitter and when she joined Instagram, she showed so much pretty jewelry! When she was looking for bloggers to review some pieces, I immediately jumped at the chance.

She created a set of earrings and a bracelet for me, and also a gorgeous ring.

The bracelet is made of 5 polish pieces, set into brass findings and it closes with a nice clasp. It clicks tight and doesn't feel flimsy, but it is easy to put on yourself. The length is a wee bit too long for, but I think I can get out one of the pieces on the closing, so it fits a bit better. What I love is that this is quite classy and "simple" - it combines so easily! The placing of the gold accent varies on each "button".

The earrings are the cutest! They are made with the same polish as the bracelet, and they are just simple cabochons set onto the posts. They are your regular earrings but the polish part is SO stunning! I wear them a lot.

The ring.. it is, like Scrangie said (oh yeah, I got an IG comment from Scrangie 8-)), magic. I can stare at the IG vid I made allll day long. The colors that are in there... amazing! Because of the domed shape it allows all sparklies to show their prettiest look. The ring part itself (can you tell I have trouble describing jewelry parts in English?) is a 1 size fits all bendable type. I loooove the curly style of this and that it is gold. I don't wear silver so Melinda did her best to accommodate me.

If you want a handmade, unique piece of jewelry and you love nailpolish, head on over to Melinda's Facebook page, or contact her at hollywoodlacquer@gmail.com to talk about a custom piece. Her price range is between $10 to $30 dollar (might vary depending on how complex the jewelry is, how much parts it is made of etcetera) and my polish goodies arrived wrapped so cute in their own pouches! Definitely worth your money :).


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)27 July, 2013 20:33

    The ring is really pretty

  2. I especially love the ring :)

  3. I really love the bracelet!

  4. Love the bracelet! Do you know what polish she used for the ring? Cause it's gorgeous!

  5. Ooh, these are really amazing! That's all I need. More things to spend money on.

  6. Thanks Ang! I believe it is one of those Ninja Polish lacquers? Not sure though!

  7. Haha, #sorryimnotsorry ♥.

  8. Thanks everyone! Especially Deborah for your fabulous post. The nail polish I used on the ring is a Coco Allure.

  9. You are welcome sweetheart! Glad you like it :).


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