31 July 2013

The Bloglight - Every Little Polish

Hi loves! It's that time again.. another Wednesday, another installment of The Bloglight!

I just recently discovered this blogger, and I keep wondering how many more great blogs I'll keep finding on my ongoing quest? There are so many out there LOL!

But, this time I am happy to introduce a blogger that still seems "smaller". You know these posts aren't only meant to show off blogs I personally love, but also to give younger blogs out there a chance to hopefully gain some readership. I know I was so happy (and still am) when I gained some more readers and it can feel as a struggle from time to time, so every extra exposure is fun right?

The blog for today is called Every Little Polish and it is hosted by Rose! She has gorgeous nails and I loved her entry for the piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 SO much! Gorgeous nails, gorgeous pictures.. what more could a girl want? Please check her out and say hi :-).


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