07 August 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Tribal Print Nails!

Deborah's manicure - Freehand tribal print

Hi loves! Another challenge week, and I'll admit this wasn't the easiest one for me.. I always adore tribal print nails on others but on myself, I have a hard time coming up with original designs and well, my freehand lines and such just aren't that great! Maybe I should practice more, but I get scared of using brushes and such and so I never really try.

For this challenge I decided to go easy on myself and not use multiple colors or anything. I started with a nudish base, 2 coats of OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?, and after it dried, I grabbed a black striper.

I just did one nail at a time, trying different designs I've seen online. I think my favorite is my middlefinger nail, it is the most balanced in my opinion.

Which nail is your favorite? And have you ever attempted tribal nails?

Loqi's manicure - Aboriginal dot painting

Hi guys!
For this challenge I first wanted to do a freehand Aztec type manicure, because I've never done that before. So I got out my acrylics (I have about 70 pots for wargame model painting purposes) and....failed miserably. I should have know, I tried one stroke flowers a while back and failed just as bad...so yeah...

But now I'm actually quite glad I failed, because I love the manicure I've got now! This one is inspired by the aboriginal art of dot painting. Since this art form is mostly done with earthy tones I thought I'd stick with those too. For the base I used Catrice Lost in mud and the dots were done with OPI Skyfall, Wet n Wild Black crème and China glaze Kalahari kiss.

I'm really pleased with the result and love how the colours came together. In the future I'll stick to model painting with my acrylics!

Stay tuned for challenge day 17: Glitter Nails!


  1. Wawww i truly love both!! :D

  2. Kristine Jones07 August, 2013 20:59

    Love these! You both did such a fabulous job!! :)

  3. These are both great! And I'm with you, Deborah, about nail art brushes.... I'm too scared and unskilled for them!

  4. I'm on a big tribal/earthy style kick atm.. And both of these amazing manis are totally speaking to me right now. I've failed multiple times using acrylics too! Great job guys!!

  5. I absolutely love the dots and the colors that you used to create it! This will definitely be a fall manicure for me :)

  6. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!

  7. Haha yeah I always make such a mess using them.. so I just don't!

  8. It's pretty right? I love what Loqi did :).

  9. Love it! I haven't tried tribal nails yet because it seems so time consuming!

  10. You both did it perfectly! Looking at your nails I do really feel this day's theme.
    I cannot choose, for different reasons I love them both.

  11. Thanks! It depends on which style you choose I guess, but nail art is always a bit time consuming :). Thanks for your comment!

  12. Thanks sweety! I'm glad we captured the feeling of the theme :)


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