20 August 2013

Bondi Strawberry Fields

Hi loves! How are you? This is a scheduled post as I am currently enjoying a well deserved holiday.

Today I have for you another gorgeous Bondi shade. I subscribed to the Bondi box and also got the extra gift box they offered in August. When I received them I was very happy to only have 1 duplicate color to what I already owned! I received Uptown Girl, Horny Mistress, The Limelight, Teal Magnolia (in my stash already), Starry Night and Strawberry Fields which I am showing you today.

The subscription box looks just like their regular shipping boxes, same style of packaging. I love their boxes actually because they are a lovely size to reuse for nail mail! With both boxes came a free beauty gift, 1 being a free Bondi I'm Vers clear polish, the other a trial size "jump start balancing kit" for combo to oily skin. I'll sure be trying this!

With the subscription box you also get a 25% discount on future purchases. You can subscribe month by month, or get a 3, 6 or 12 month plan. From September on you can preview colors and skip if you wish. I think you can also start selecting colors to create a box you like.

When unpacking my polishes and deciding which to put on first, I didn't have to think hard. The coral creme perfection that is Strawberry Fields immediately stood out to me! I needed 2 coats for opacity and the formula is lovely. Well spreading, even coverage, and so SHINY! Yes this is topcoated, but still.. SHINY!

Do you like this color? And have you taken a look at the Bondi subscription yet? A box is $19,99 including shipping (even international) and you get a discount on future purchases!


  1. ValiantlyVarnished20 August, 2013 21:12

    The subscription is a little expensive for me but I am VERY tempted to try it since I really love Bondi polish.

  2. Very shiny!! And when did your nails get so long?!?

    This color reminds me of....tomato bisque. But then again, a lot of stuff reminds me of food! LOL! Looks lovely on you!

  3. Bondi makes me drool and cry at the same time.
    This is amazing, just like the others.

  4. I'm a sucker for corals. This is stunning.

  5. This is such a gorgeous colour!

  6. If you love the polish and the brand, I'd really recommend getting the box - you can skip months if you want or just take a month-to-month subscription! *obviously I can't look in your wallet*

  7. I know right?! They were getting absurd haha. I actually took off quite some length when I changed this color. The Duri Rejuvacote is working magic on me :-).

    And now I want some tomato bisque! You are making me hungry haha.

  8. Why does it make you cry? Not possible to get the subscription in Italy?!

  9. It is! I bet this would look so luscious on you.

  10. I think it could be possible, but we have to manage with customs XD


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