10 August 2013

Ciaté Headliner & Makeup Withdrawal Everybody's Doing It

Hi loves! Having a good weekend? I have 2 parties today so that's nice, and tomorrow it's relaxation time :-).

Today I have for you a combo that got me quite some compliments. Someone actually thought I handpainted all the "dots" and "stripes" as she described it! I started with a base of Ciaté Headliner, a nice blue shade that's opaque in 2 coats. I like the formula of this polish, the only downside to it is it dries to a satin finish!

After it dried I topped it with 1 coat of Makeup Withdrawal Everybody's Doing It, a black and white topper with multiple sizes of black and white hex glitter, and black and white bar glitter too. It looked fabulous against the blue base!

Do you like this combo? What is your favorite base for black and white toppers?


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)10 August, 2013 20:21

    Such a pretty combo, I love that blue!! I feel like you can pair black and white glitter with any polish. I really love it over green, yellow and bright blues.

  2. Thanks Marissa! Ooh, maybe yellow will amuse me with a topper like this, good suggestion!

  3. Sabine @ My Polish Stash11 August, 2013 17:39

    i just love black and white glitter over everything :)

  4. It does combine quite easily :D


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