08 August 2013

Swatches & Review - Too Fancy Lacquer The Summersault Collection

Hi loves! Remember the 2 pretty shades from Too Fancy Lacquer I showed you earlier, Forest Fairy and Royal Jeans? Well, today I have 4 more beauties for you!

I am reviewing The Summersault Collection which consists of 2 brights and 2 softshades. They all contain some holographic sparkle though they aren't as punchy holo as the ones I've shown before. Too Fancy Lacquer comes in a 12ml. square bottle and has a flat brush, not too wide but not thin either. The formula is 3 free. All bottles have 2 mixing balls. You can purchase these polishes on Etsy, each bottle is $9,50 and shipping is $2,50 for your first bottle, $0,50 for each extra bottle. You can also connect with Too Fancy Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram.

I used 3 coats of each shade, Duri Rejuvacote as my base and Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer as a topcoat. They all dry amazingly shiny on their own already though.

Too Fancy Lacquer Glowing With Envy. A neon green shade with holographic sparkle.
It applied nicely, the 3 coats were definitely needed for me for opacity but they were thin coats. This flows evenly and easy. The neon punch is good and I like the holo addition though it is subtle.

Too Fancy Lacquer Tickle Me Pink. A coral/bubblegum (yeah, it depends on the lighting how it'll look!) pink, bordering neon, with holographic sparkle.
This looked a bit more sheer to me, though it shows less opaque in the pictures compared to real life. Easy application, no issues.

Too Fancy Lacquer Rendezvous At Azure. A periwinkle shade (more blue than it shows here, though to capture!) with holographic sparkle and pink shimmer.
Most opaque of the 4 shown, third was more to even it out rather than needed for an opaque result. Slightly more "blobby" formula though nothing dramatic or hard to work with. Make sure you let your coats dry properly in between.

Not color accurate, but look at the pink sparkles!

Too Fancy Lacquer Distance & Time. A very soft grey/blue shade with holographic sparkle.
My absolute favorite! Such a lovely pale shade, but still opaque at 3 coats. I just loooooove the looks of this one! Easy application, first coat was slightly patchy but nothing the other 2 won't fix. Yeah, I love this!

Which one of these is YOUR favorite? Tell me in the comments!


  1. gorgeous review, thank you so much Deborah! <3

  2. Kristine Jones08 August, 2013 20:27

    Wow all of these colors are do beautiful! My favorite would have to be Tickle Me Pink cuz I'm a total sucker for pink / corals :) Such gorgeous swatches lady :)

  3. Love Distance & Time and Glowing With Envy!

  4. I am loving Rendezvous At Azure!

  5. Ahh, the green one is calling my name!! Looks like its got a bit of gold shimmer in it!

  6. Thanks so much Kristine :)!

  7. They are pretty right?! Thanks for your comment.

  8. Thanks Karen, it is a lovely shade!

  9. Thanks Angie! I like it too, it is so bright!

  10. Distance and Time and Glowing With Envy are my picks! Gorgeous!

  11. Can I have them all? Please? NOW? Kthnxbye

  12. I definitely need Glowing With Envy. Lately I feel the urge to have any lime green polish I see and this one fits perfectly my kind of lime green <3

    BTW, Rendezvous At Azure looks amazing too!

  13. Haha they aren't too expensive! Especially shipping is at a great price!

  14. They are definitely very pretty!


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