14 August 2013

The Bloglight - Nailz Craze

Hi loves! How are you today? I am slowly working towards my vacation.. can't wait! I won't post the exact date we are leaving, but I can say we are going to Zakynthos, Greece. Sun, more sun, relaxing, reading.. aaaah ♥.

Today's edition of The Bloglight features a blog that I fell in love with big time! I already knew this girl because of her stamping plates (damn you no-buy!), but little did I know, she shows her beautiful nails regularly too!

I am talking about Natalie from Nailz Craze! Her nails are SO perfect (they are as scary beautiful as the nails from The Polished Perfectionist and Demelza's World) and well, she doesn't only know how to design lovely stamping images, so also does great nail art with them ;-). Please be sure to check out this blog as it is awesomeee.


  1. I discovered Natalie's blog fairly recently too! I've really enjoyed reading :)

  2. Kristine Jones15 August, 2013 00:38

    Aren't her nails so crazy pretty? She's so sweet too. Super talented girl! :)

  3. They are! She just seems totally awesome :).


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