03 August 2013

Too Fancy Lacquer Royal Jeans

Hi loves! Here I am again with another review of Too Fancy Lacquer :-). When Carmen opened up shop the first time, I bought Royal Jeans and Forest Fairy. I already showed you that last one and there was some interest in this one too so I decided to put it on for you guys!

Please keep in mind the formula has already been altered on this polish, if you buy it now it will most likely not be the exact same polish!

Royal Jeans is a muted dark blue base filled with holographic goodness. The holo is quite strong and that's awesome! I did feel like it wouldn't be opaque on it's own (or with too many coats) so I choose to layer it. The polish I used is OPI I Saw.. You Saw.. We Saw.. Warsaw.. and I used 1 careful coat of it. After it dried I applied 2 coats of Royal Jeans. Formula is great, easy spread, no dragging or patches or anything. These polishes dry very shiny!

One thing I didn't mention in my last review, is the smell of the polishes. Obviously, all polish stinks (though I kinda like it LOL) but these have a certain chemical smell that's stronger. If you have any experience with the old I♥NP formula you'll know the smell. It's stronger than the usual so keep that in mind!

TFL can be found on Etsy, in the opening sale her polishes were $9,50. I payed $3 for shipping 2 polishes to The Netherlands. TFL is also on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. It looks absolutely breathtaking on you! LOVE

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! I don't think I have a dark blue holo. Might have to check this out! And BTW, I love the smell of stinky polish too! : )

  3. It's pretty right? Do you also love the smell of gasoline? Or am I being more than weird now :P?

  4. Thanks so much Sam! And thanks for taking the time to comment :).

  5. is beautiful ;) http://sbr-fashion-fashion.blogspot.com/2013/08/nude-and-floral.html

  6. <3
    Onto this OPI this baby looks gorgeous! I'm curious to know what it's like on its own, I don't mind overcoating when it comes to holo polishes XD

  7. Nope....can't say I like the smell of gasoline...I think you're the only one! :P

    I think the smell of stinky polish brings me back to my teen years when I was painting my nails every night to match my outfit the next day. Now I just paint my nails what I want, and don't worry so much about it matching! I honestly don't smell 99% of polishes now, unless they are scented, old or are Kleancolors....oh, or SV! lol

  8. Maybe I'll post a swatch like that one day!


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