16 August 2013

ULTA Cha Cha

Hi loves! How are you today? Hope you are all doing fine :-).

Today I have a very happy polish for you! Yes, that's right, yellow ♥. I'll admit, a few weeks back you could literally hear me say "I hate yellow". I am still not yellow's number 1 fan. But, it is starting to grow on me. My best friend has a gorgeous cabinet she painted yellow and it looks so cheery! And that's when I stumbled upon this polish. ULTA Cha Cha, it came from a set of 4 mini's, I won this in a giveaway from Polly Polish once. It was still untried burt all of a sudden I was holding this and thinking to myself: "Hey girl, how about using that yellow polish?" (yes you can picture Ryan Gosling with that). So I did!

I needed 3 coats and it didn't completely level until I used topcoat. Yeah, it's yellow, I was expecting it to happen. My middle and ring finger got stamped using a Bundle Monster plate and Wet 'n Wild Black Cremé. I filled in the little spots with H&M Golden Treasure. Wearing these was fun but they did come off after a day. It's growing on me, yellow.

What do you think of yellow as a nail color? And which yellow polish would you recommend? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Yellow is such a hard color to pull off, especially this kinda yellow. When I wear a yellow like this (and I can't remember ever doing it....) I feel like my nails are stained. Just doesn't work for my skin tone. But a nice pastel yellow? Looks great!

    You're lucky this one works for your skin tone! Looks great on you!

  2. It's very, very yellow! I like this because it's more orange toned, but I had a really bad experience with a yellow this year and it's left my nails stained for over 6 weeks now! I think I only have 2 yellow polishes that I got for nail art, I am not attracted to them in general!

  3. Yes the egg yolk kinda shade, I actually was very surprised to see this and like it because normally I look so ghostly in yellow! Thanks for your sweet words Angie :).

  4. Ooooh luckily this didn't stain. I would be mad if it did LOL!

  5. I suddenly have gotten into yellow too! Who would have thunk? I am really digging the new Clinique Nail Enamel in Yellow Genius.

  6. Nailphotos by Lani22 August, 2013 00:15

    I think this one looks pretty, but if you don't like yellow, you could try one that is nearly orange or nearly lime. I used to think that I was too pale for yellow, but I recently found out that pastel yellow can look good on me. And that made me want more yellow nail polish.

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