18 September 2013

Eyes On Instagram

Hi loves! Welcome to a new series on Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... called "Eyes on Instagram"! I was browsing through some great account when I realized there are so many talented ladies out there, who don't have a blog or anything, and only posts their nails on Instagram. I got intrigued and wondered what was the reason they chose this medium, how did the start out and how do they reach new followers? That's what this series is all about, meeting the ladies behind the IG accounts! Not sure yet about how often I'll do a post like this, I guess it'll alternate with The Bloglight every other week. So if you took part in this, don't fear, your post will come up in the end :-).

Let's start with the first Instagrammette to introduce herself to us!

Instagram name: @mobile_digits
Real name: Mary
Little introduction (who are you, where are you from, what do you do?):
I'm a small town girl from central Illinois, in the USA. I have 2 ornery boys, a husband and a boxer-pitbull mix dog. I work as a teller at a credit union when I'm not busy painting my nails, running, or working on my latest crochet project.

When did you start your Instagram account?
I think I started my Instagram account about 18 months ago.

Did you start it to be a blog or have you grown into this?
I didn't start my Instagram to be a blog, in fact I started a separate blog with the intention of blogging my daily manicures strictly from my phone. It turned out to take a lot of time and effort though so I changed the name of my Instagram account and started insta-blogging them instead.

Are you a nails only account?
I am not a nails only account, nor would I want to be!

Why do you only post to Instagram?
I only post to Instagram because I don't have home internet right now and blogging from my phone turned out to be a total pain.

How do you take your pictures, and what is your favorite camera app?
I take pictures with the camera on my cellphone. I don't really use any camera apps except for the program I use to add watermarks to my pictures before I post them, which is Add Watermark Free.

What is your favorite nail related Instagram account?
My favorite nail-related Instagram account for swatches would have to be Jen @thepolishaholic. Her swatches have caused quite a few lemmings and thinned my pocketbook more than once! For nail art my favorite is @chalkboardnails. Her attention to detail is amazing!

What is your most liked picture?
Surprisingly my most liked picture isn't even nail-related. It's a picture I posted to document my running progress of all things!

What word of advice do you have when it comes to posting your nails on Instagram? Any do's or don'ts?
My only advice would be to watermark, watermark, watermark! Instagram is still the internet and you should protect your work!

Favorite picture
My favorite picture is of the China Glaze Summer Neons from last summer.

Thanks Mary for participating in this experiment! Hope you enjoyed taking part :-).

If you are reading this and you post nails to Instagram only (so it doesn't have to be a nails only account, but if you "blog" on Instagram I am calling for you!), let me know if you want to take part! You can reach me easily at lovevarnish@gmail.com.

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  1. Love this series <3 That's a great idea, there are loads of nail-gramers deserving attention!


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