01 September 2013

Swatches & Review - HARE Polish The Tropics are Calling

Hi loves! How are you today? Enjoyed your weekend? I did! Had dinner and drinks with 2 dear friends Friday night, celebrating we've been friends for 10 years now. It is funny we still are in touch because we aren't living close to each other anymore, and the common factor that brought us together (education) is only still present in the life of 1 of us. But we manage to stay in touch, though sometimes we don't speak each other over 4/5 months, and every time we get together we have the greatest time.

The post for today is extremely picture heavy. I have for you HARE Polish The Tropics are Calling collection, consisting of 5 beautiful polishes. These are inspired by the many times Nikole catches herself daydreaming about the tropics. The collection uses a lot of neon glitter and all polishes can be worn by themselves, though I do prefer layering most of them. All swatches are with a base of Duri Rejuvacote and topcoated using Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer. The matte topcoat is from Hema.

HARE Polish Dancing Bird of Paradise. A bright cherry red jelly base with a blend of various shapes/sizes of neon pink, satin white & gold glitter plus flaky gold shimmer.
I love how the neon pink looks against the red jelly base! It gives it a glowing look. Application was okay, these jelly bases are filled with glitter so you have to be a bit careful about placement, I had a little clumping going on which causes the finish to look bumpy. If you keep an orange wood stick close you can easily move the glitter where it should be. Amount of glitter isn't an issue at all, there is plenty on the brush every time you dip in!

Index/middle: 3 coats of Dancing Bird of Paradise.
Ring/pinky: 1 coat of Dancing Bird of Paradise over 1 coat of Teeez Femme Fatale.

HARE Polish Flight of the Flamingos. A light grey jelly base with those striking neon pink glitters in various shapes/sizes + gold glitter & shimmer as well!
You guys, this one is SO awesome! The light grey jelly base doesn't overpower the neon pink glitters (though I didn't try to build this up by itself, this wasn't part of the swatch session because I just HAD to wear this immediately after receiving it) and well, it is just awesome. I love it. Favorite one! Application was easy, just make sure you spread it nicely when layering because the base gives off a hint of color.

All nails: 1 coat of Flight of the Flamingos over 2 coats of a yellowish white from The New Black.

HARE Polish Mad ChillA royal blue jelly base with a mix of various shapes/sizes of neon blue, white & ice blue glitter. It's also got lots of pretty silver microglitter and silver shimmer!
Oooh, pretty! The neon blue is really cool and it pops in the darker jelly base. The silver shimmer is very noticable when layered over an opaque base and looks so good. I'll be wearing this one when it is getting colder here! Application was good, the jelly base is very full of glitter so again, be careful when you build this up by itself to avoid clumping. Layered it spread like butter.

Index/middle: 3 coats of Mad Chill.
Ring/pinky: 1 coat of Mad Chill over 1 coat of Bondi NYPD.

HARE Polish Neon Palm. A dusty, muted green jelly base brimming with a mix of neon pink & copper glitter in several shapes/sizes. This shade is accented by a soft copper shimmer.
While I originally thought this would be my favorite, I'll admit I am not completely sure about this one yet. The neon pink glitter is again very gorgeous, but the tinted base is a bit more overpowering and muting it too much for me. I also haven't found the best base to layer this over yet. Will get back to this one and try it some more! The copper glitter and shimmer is perfect, though. I love copper, it is so pretty and more unique than simple gold glitter. Application again good but be careful when building this up alone. If you layer this, you must be a bit more precise because otherwise you'll get an uneven look from the tinted base (I had this issue a bit myself).

Index/middle: 3 coats of Neon Palm.
Ring/pinky: 1 coat of Neon Palm over 1 coat of Models Own Grey Day.

HARE Polish Washed Ashore. A peachy pink jelly polish with an ethereal mix of ice blue glitter, purple/blue iridescent glitter & silver shimmer.
A little bit of an odd one out since this hasn't any neon glitter, but I like the soft addition to this bold collection. It is very oeachy (quite some salmon undertones) and I am not sure it suits my skintone, but the delicate glitter and shimmer wins me over. This is a very work appropriate glitter! Because there are less large glitter particles and the base seemed more opaque I didn't layer this over any basecolor, just build up alone. Application was good, easy spread and no clumping at all.

All nails: 3 coats of Washed Ashore.

Final thoughts: I really like this 5 piece collection but that shouldn't be a surprise, HARE Polish was my first indie crush and still holds a special place in my heart. The neon pink glitter is really beautiful and I am hoping it'll be used more in the future. The amount of glitter is both positive and negative, it can make the formula a bit more tricky to handle but the depth it creates when build up is beautiful. My recommendations would be Flight of the Flamingos and Mad Chill.
What do you think of this collection? Tell me in the comments!

HARE Polish can be found on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Also check the website to find out more about the various stockists!


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)02 September, 2013 02:36

    These are all so gorgeous!! Nikole always does an awesome job. I have my eye on Flight of the Flamingos. Great swatches as always Deborah.

  2. That's it, I'm gonna get Flight of the Flamingos! LOVE IT!

    And Washed Ashore is an odd ball, but I think I like it! And I love the use of all the square glitter! Cause I love me some square glitter!

  3. Thanks Marisa! I love everything that girl comes up with LOL. You're very sweet <3.

  4. YES! Mission accomplished haha.

    Yeah it has that soft sheerish look you dig - if I weren't as OCD about keeping collections complete it would have already found its way into the Angie box!

  5. Mad chill *____* Please, remind me I don't like glitters and tell me I don't need it. I'm begging you!!!


  6. I'm sorry babe, you need it :D it is awesomeeee

  7. X_____________X I think that's not exactly what I said.... haha :D

  8. Flight of the Flamingos is pure awesomeness!!! ----------> wishlisted! <3

  9. I love these, I wish they were available in the UK! Your swatches are lovely :)

  10. These are beautiful! I am going to have to get one--or all--of these. lol

  11. Did you mattify one nail of Dancing Bird of Paradise? If not, the light is hitting it in such a way that it looks like it is... very cool polish, either way. Flight of the Flamingos is super cute, too :)

  12. Thanks Julie, it is huh? I loooooove it ♥.

  13. Aww, they are available at different e-tailers though! Thanks Vicky!

  14. Haha definitely get some :D.

  15. I just noticed I didn't state the matte nails but yeah every last picture or so has 2 nails matte :). Thanks Liesl!

  16. You do! It is awesomeeeee :).


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