04 September 2013

The Bloglight - Very Emily

Hi loves! How are you this Wednesday? Doing alright? Summer has decided to return here but unfortunately I have to work.. I wanna hang out in the sun!

Today I am putting The Bloglight on a blog I think you already know, because she is awesomeee ;-)! I love finding European bloggers as chances are higher they'll blog about brands I know and have easy access to, and this particular girl even speaks my language though she is from a neighboring country.

The things I love most about her blog is her passion for nail art. I love seeing what she comes up with, it provides great inspiration for me! Also, the styling of her site is beautiful and I love her pictures. So say hi to Emily from Very Emily and please make sure you start following her - it is worth your time!


  1. Lovely post, I'm off to check her blog out now :)

  2. I heart Emily, she's been one of my faves since I myself started! <3

  3. Awh Deborah! I don't know what to say... Thank you so much for this sweet post. Put a tear to my eye honestly! <3

  4. You are so welcome! Thanks for having a great blog :D


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