11 October 2013

An El Corazon combo manicure

Hi loves! Another prepped post, I've been working ahead a lot lately - it just feels good to have everything set already so I don't have to stress too much during the week :-).

Today I have a combo manicure for you, I am not sure if this style has a name but basically I did my pinky, ring and thumb with one color and the middle and index with another. Other hand same thing just with the colors reversed. I used 2 El Corazon polishes for this, one from the Jelly line and the other from the Fenechka collection. Fenechka apparently is Russian for friendship bracelet, fun fact huh ;-)?

The Green jelly is El Corazon 423/59, the white glitter is El Corazon 423/121. I needed 3 coats for the jelly and it was still very squishy looking. There is some very fine shimmer running through it too. It didn't apply very nice, quite patchy and streaky. I also didn't like the color with my skintone, but it is a lovely vintage shade of green! The glitter applied nicely, not too thick and though I needed 3 coats, I didn't have bulky nails. it also dries quite smoothly. I topped everything with a coat of my regular Essence topcoat.

How do you like this combo of colors? Do you like the black & white glitters?
El Corazon isn't easy to come by. The only info I have is that you could contact them through this website: Charme Beauty.


  1. A beautiful combination <3 love the black and white sandwich, so cool!

  2. Not so long ago, that black glitter would have bothered me, but I've retrained my brain and now I like it. :)

  3. Thanks so much Natalie! Yeah the b/w glitter has amazing depth huh?


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